ProShotWe missed this tip from Jitin, though he informed us quite some time ago. Anyways, good news is that one of the best 3rd party camera apps available for Windows Phone devices “ProShot” has gone free for limited time in collaboration with MyAppFree. Have a look at the wide range of features ProShot packs and click on the link given at the bottom to install it.

Welcome to ProShot, the world’s most advanced photography app, and the fastest camera on the market.

-Shutter Speed
-White Balance
-Exposure Compensation
-Aspect Ratio
-AF Assist Lamp

Drive modes include:
-Burst Shot (up to 5 FPS)
-Intervalometer (for timelapse)

Display features include
-Grid Lines
-3D Level Gauge
-Full HD photo browsing
-EXIF viewer

ProShot link