There is a workaround reported by some of the users, which works very well. Seems the APN settings are missing from some of the devices. This again shows that issue is on the network provider or carrier’s side. Check the two screenshots below.

Some users have reported data connection issues in newly purchased Lumia 900. Now users are reporting that most of the issues arose due to following,

  • Issue in AT&T ‘s account provisioning.
  • Some have wrong data plans.
  • Sim card issues.
  • Even other windows phone and Android devices have face such issues on AT&T network.

Check the below screenshots from Wpcentral forum,

So, are you thinking the same that we are. AT&T seems to be doing the least yet, if you consider all the efforts put till now by all concerned .

Not only AT&T store were closed on the launch date, there has been no significant promotion yet from AT&T. Was making AT&T the re-entry partner for USA market a right decision for Nokia?

That much time will tell. But AT&T has to make things happen on data connectivity issue front, otherwise it is going to impact fortunes of Nokia, Microsoft and obviously AT&T.