OTA update for Nokia 8 Pro Camera UI is now available in more markets. As tipped by our readers the Oreo Build no. is V4.88B with Pro Camera update is now available in UK and Romania too.

Great new for Nokia 8 owners out there. HMD CPO Juho has just announced the availability of Pro Camera update for Nokia 8. The Pro Camera update brings the highly desired Nokia Camera or Lumia Camera UI and new imaging algorithms or framework as HMD likes to call it to Nokia 8. It is already available for other newer Nokia Android smartphones with Zeiss branded camera.

So, we just checked and can now confirm that the Pro Camera update is now available for Nokia 8 in India OTA with a new Oreo 8.1 build. Check the screenshot below. The new Oreo Build no. is V4.88B. The update is 603.2 MB in size and you need to be on Wi-Fi to install it.