cbcfb816fdfaaf51baafaffc8f5494eef11f7a7cMcLaren & Lumia 1030 are two such highly-speculated yet non-existent (publicly) Lumia devices, which have attained mythical status!! One of the big reasons behind so much hullabaloo about these two is, Windows Phone fans’ yearning for a true Lumia Flagship device and McLaren was supposed to be the one, before we came to know that it has been cancelled.

One year back we first reported RM-964 with 5.2-inch display from Zauba data and later we came to understand that it will be like a mini Lumia 1520 in shape and will sport a 3D-touch UI. According to evleaks it was supposed to come to all US carriers as “the Lumia Flagship”.

b15ba95494eef01f74583686e3fe9925bd317d7cNow, a device bearing product code RM-1052 has been just leaked in images in China and it sports a big camera hump on the back. This was easy to identify as the Lumia 1020 successor and can be naturally called Lumia 1030. The hump is really massive and while we received a tip claiming it will have a 50 MP camera sensor, we never threw our weight behind this. Keeping Lumia 830’s slim sensor in mind, we can still imagine it to have similar size sensor as of Lumia 1020.

Some of you have asked us to comment on the possibility of cancelled McLaren and Lumia 1030, being the same devices. We however disagree and there are many reasons behind that.

1) McLaren was supposed to be a universal Flagship, while the Lumia 1030 is still the imaging flagship targeted to a niche crowd. McLaren was never supposed to carry such bulging camera being the universally accepted Flagship

2) As much we know McLaren was supposed to carry Lumia 1520’s design language in smaller body. Lumia 1030, as the above images suggest is quite different.

3) The specs revealed for RM-1052 aka Lumia 1030 are still quite modest for a true flagship and Lumia 930 successor as the new flagship. McLaren was supposed to come with bleeding edge specs.

4) Jo Harlow has also hinted that Lumia 1020 successor is in works and that confirms Lumia 1030’s existence.

5) Last but not the least, RM-964 and RM-1052 are quite far away in terms of timelines, when it comes to Nokia product codes numbering system and certainly belong to two different devices

We don’t know whether Lumia 1030 will ever be released or if it really gets a life, when it will be released. We haven’t yet seen RM-1052 or related codes appearing anywhere in certifications or any other databases. Though, we have checked and found that RM-1052 is really a valid prototype and we are looking forward to more leaks of Lumia 1030 in future.