Lumia WP8 Family

Last few days have been really busy for market sentiment manipulators, especially those who want to pull Nokia shares down for obvious money-making reasons !! WSJ has started, what is totally misleading attempt to show festive and retailer discounts as proof of Lumias not moving fast enough in USA market. There are many gaping holes in this story of theirs and we have exposed them in our last articles.

Not only this, prices of Lumia 810 are back to normal price of $99.99 at T-Mobile already and Lumia 822 became one of the top sellers at Verizon, so may be time for some “apology” for biased reporting. Now, I came across one of the articles which shows the extent to which the latest iPhone 5 has been discounted, but you will not find any mention of this by WSJ and co.

 The story gives you ample proof to show that iPhone 5 is the most discounted iPhone ever and the same Walmrt which is selling Lumia 920 at $239.99 at a premium of $140 over the AT&T’s official price of $99.99 has been selling iPhone 5 at a discount of nearly $72. Not only this, another retailer  Fry’s Electronics actually one-upped Walmart (literally) by discounting the iPhone 5 $1 more, dropping it to $126.

So, if discounts need to be taken as proof of sales performance, iPhone 5 must be selling poorly. Lumia 920 must be super hot as it is being sold at a premium.

Coming to one more story, this time from Forbes. This is the most ridiculous kind of hate story, one can ever find on any reputed publication site. It looks like a fanboy rant mostly seen in the comments section. Just read the vitriolic rant with which the article starts and you can yourself imagine the extent of bias. How low one can go to save the precious “Apple”. May be the threat is more visible now !!

What was Nokia thinking in releasing such a subpar phone?

It has no chance to make a dent in the highly competitive smartphone market dominated by Samsung and Apple, or even attract the ex-RIM crowd.

After almost 2-months of continuous testing, the Lumia 920 is probably one of the worst smartphone that I have tried lately.

Looks like nowadays, fan blogs publish more realistic, informed and less biased stories than so-called “Main stream” tech media.