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POV: iOS 7 is a half-baked catch up bid by Apple to Windows Phone and even Symbian!!

gsmarena_002 gsmarena_010Image Credit: GSMArena

Have a look at the above two screenshots. No, you are mistaken, this is not from your Symbian Belle device which is running some theme. This is how iOS 7 UI and multitasking view looks like. It is so familiar with what we have on our fav Symbian Belle devices that, you can be forgiven for being mistaken.

Not only this, if you take a look at other new tweaks in UI and flatter, colorful and cleaner look of iOS 7 you will be prompted to say “wow, how much iOS 7 looks inspired by Windows Phone“. It is certainly a big catch up for an OS which never supported true multitasking and was known for its stale and boring interface. But it is still half-baked!! Reasons, nothing live still happens either in form of Symbian widgets or in form of Live Tiles on Windows Phone. So, however colorful those icons may look now 😛 they are still not alive. May be iOS 8 will give some life to the iOS UI.

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Anyways, coming to inspirations even the new App store, Camera UI and Browser is full of inspirations from WP and Android.


Final words: This may be liked by a part of iOS fans who were bored to death with that stale UI, and may be abhorred by some who are staunch Steve Job’s done iOS UI fans. But, those on OS like Windows Phone, Symbian and Android will found it severely lacking and old school with every time hitting on an icon for doing things. The “glance and go approach” of Windows Phone live tiles of for that reason is much much superior. Frankly speaking, iOS 7 re-validates the decision of Nokia going Windows Phone way.

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  • Phil

    I really don’t see any similarities between iOS7 and Symbian or Windows 7. Yes the icons are flatter but besides that the notifications are far more powerful and the multitasking is WebOS inspired not WindowsPhone inspired.
    The parallax effect is unique.
    This permanently moving tiles (similar to HTC feeds) is giving me motion sickness and it doesn’t tell you anything. Why would you want to glance at a launch screen and go up and down the tiles senselessly?
    And contrary to “geeks” comments above, people are not pointing at WindowsPhone market share as a failure. It’s because WindowsPhone is a failure that its marketshare is so low. Lack of Apps is another issue.
    Only Nokia is interested by this thing and they get paid for it.
    WindowsPhone are not superior they’re just different.

  • krishna6233

    I still feel that Nokia should make android phns especially low end droids in the price range f 6000rs to 20000rs.wp8 cant work in single core but android jelly bean(dnt argue abt user xperience it doesnt really matter considering how shitty phns samsung selling at this price point).Nokia is loosing market to samsung n others in the price range f 6000rs to 10000rs …… is selling truck loads f galaxy Y phones!!!!!(pathetic phns)

    • Diazene

      Well nokia cares about their customers

      • thgun

        Really! do you think so. I don’t. Once I was a Nokia only guy. Then when Microsoft got involved well. I have had a windows mobile in the past and that was rubbish then when nokia annoused its move in 2011 to run windows on its phones that was it as far as I was concerend. So do they care, not any more.

  • Geeks

    I agree 100% about your conclusion. Apple started with clusters of buttons that were later copied by Samsung (ongoing court case). Microsoft used a totally different approach to data visualization that I’ll call futuristic and Nokia noticed it and preferred to use it instead of ANDROID.

    Now that Apple is copying Microsoft UX in iOS7, can Nokia shareholders that have been asking them to switch to Android explain to me why? Android copyists are watching Apple and will be switching to the Live Tiles sooner or later. By then, Nokia is going to be way ahead with WP OS customization and their Lumia specific Apps development.

    People keep pointing to the fact that WP has a tiny market share and fail to understand that human inertia can only be overcome with time. WP8 is just the beginning and the assault on Android is going to force them to change their UI and that will vindicate Nokia and I am almost sure that by 2015 those asking Nokia to use Android are going to pretend that they never suggested such a move and I am ready to bet on that!!!

    • alberto rovatti

      ¡¡¡¡very good!!!!.greetings from Argentina

    • thgun

      Ok mate. You seem to have some miss guided conception that Microsoft windows phones are going to form an assault on Android. Maybe Nokia wouldn’t be in the mess they are now if they’d chosen android. The only reason they sold off their mobile division to Microsoft was because no one else was interested. I’ve used Microsoft windows on a mobile long before Nokia got involved and it was awful, so when Nokia made that move so did I. And Nokia were selling smartphones long before samsung and apple. So it was not a new thing.