This must be heartening news for Nokia. Post announcements of Lumia 920’s exclusivity for AT&T , many were disappointed and it certainly looked like a blow to Lumia 920’s chances of generating good sales. WMpoweruser conducted a poll to asses the situation and results are interesting and certainly encouraging for Nokia.

  • Out of 3,270 respondents, 72% of readers are still opting for Nokia’s new flagship.
  • Of those who’s carriers will be offering the Nokia Lumia 920, 88% are getting the Nokia Lumia 920.
  • For those who’s carriers do not offer the handset (also around 30% of reader) 49% are willing to leave their carrier for the Nokia Lumia 920, while 51% would stay and buy another Windows Phone.
  • 36.4% were willing to buy their handset unlocked, and amongst this group 85% were opting for the Nokia Lumia 920.


Though 72% vs 83% doesn’t look too bad, but considering the fact that the poll respondents were mostly Windows Phone fans, Nokia can’t take a chance here. They need to bring it to more carriers and there is no two-way about it.

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