The popular puzzle & trivia game Dream machine has made a way to Windows 10 platform being a Universal game it is also available on Windows 10 PC along with phones.
In this game, you have to solve many mysterious optical illusions 3D puzzles. As the level increases the complexity of puzzles increases and you have to think more to break that level. Check out game description below.

Dream Machine

Escape a cold, inhumane factory and free yourself into a mind-blowing fantasy world. Manipulate fantastical machinery and solve the many mysterious optical illusions that lie in wait. Use all your ability to survive hazardous levels and fight epic boss battles. Guide your mechanical friend from an oppressive workplace and lead them to freedom. Is it real or simply an illusion? Drift into the dream of the machine and find the truth.

Game Features
• Visually Stunning & Pleasant to Play Amazingly beautiful hand-crafted levels, containing 3D puzzles, impossible geometry and optical illusions.
• Dream Machine is easy to pick up and play but hard to put down.
• Boss Battles Fight against your oppressors in daring boss battles. Use all your skill and brainpower to defeat the monsters from this mechanical dream.
• Replayability & Upgrades Beat your best level completion times to earn Cogs. These allow you to upgrade your mechanical friend and achieve better times.
• Hazardous Levels Exercise your intellect to solve illusion puzzles and use your expertise to stay alive.

The game is now available on store. (for Windows Phone 8.1 also) . Hit following link to grab it from store.

[appbox windowsstore 9nblggh6dfh3]