PoGo-UWP, an unofficial third-party Pokémon Go app is back again and running on Windows 10 Mobile.Due to the change in API the game could no longer by used and played on Windows 10 Mobile. But the latest update v1.0.50(v1.1.0-RC3), brings quick update to API code . Afterthat we are able to play this game again.


  • Fixed API, game is now playable again!
  • A lot of cool stuff.

Known issues

  • Everything that you see in the issue tracker so please, again, search before opening a new issue!
  • Captcha feature is missing, meaning that this version is not 100% safe. We’re releasing this quick update just to allow you to play again while we deal with missing features.
  • PTC login may fail and cause the app to crash
  • Screen may flicker if proximity sensor is covered, even if game’s battery saver feature is disabled

As we that the PoGo UWP app is not an official app , see below to how to install the PoGo-UWP.

How To Install PoGo-UWP

It is not available via Windows 10 Store and you need to sideload it. Here are the steps.

  • Create a Pokemon™ Trainer Club account by following the link
  • Login on the Android/iOS app to choose your starter  or in case you don’t have an Android / iOS device you can use Bluestacks.
  • Logout from the official app
  • Download the file from here
  • Change your storage settings from SD card to phone storage (or it won’t install and throw error)
  • Enable Device Portal by following the Microsoft article here.
  • Navigate to APPS page on Device Portal
  • Choose PokemonGo-UWP_version.appx under “Install App”
  • Click on “Add Dependency” twice and add the files that are inside Dependencies folder
  • Click on “Go” under “Deploy” and wait until “Done!” is shown
  • Launch the app on your device
  • Login

By following the above steps you can now play the game on your Windows 10 Mobile devices.

Here are the features the game currently supports,

PoGo UWP features:

  • Login with Pokemon™ Trainer Club accounts
  • Similar UI as the Android/iOS version but 2D only
  • Use the map to see both Pokemons and PokeStops near your location
  • Catch Pokemons
  • Visit PokeStops and get new items