Some pictures of what looks like a upgraded variant of Lumia 820 have been posted online in China. The changes include 16 GB storage and “PureMotion” display like Lumia 920, but it is not clear whether it will be HD or HD+ screen or similar 800 X 480 resolution to Lumia 820. The label on the back of the testing device reads “Nokia Lumia 825” and confirms that it will come running WP8.8 may be the latest OS version, when it launches.

16 GB storage is welcome, but “PureMotion” LCD screen at 800 X 480 resolution may not be better than AMOLED display of Lumia 820 which provides much better black levels and punchy colors. The only way to make this device highly desirable is to pack a HD resolution, PureMotion display and then Nokia will have one more big winner in its stable. Rumor has it coming by end of February next week.