Pandora, one of the eagerly awaited and one of the top missing applications from Windows Phone store has now come to Windows Phone 8 devices. Great part is the it is both ad-free and will be free through 2013 with no monthly streaming limit. Read about the major features below and click on the download link below for giving it a try.

Exclusive to Pandora on Windows Phone:
•	Enjoy ad-free streaming music for free through 2013, with no monthly streaming limit
•	Pin your favorite stations to the Start screen for one-touch access 
•	See  what song is currently playing on your Live Tile 
•	Launch Pandora in Kid’s Corner and explicit content is instantly filtered
•	Access a recent stations page and easily see your current favorites

Other supported features:
•	Log in using your existing account or create a new one
•	Create up to 100 stations 
•	Manage stations: create, delete, and add variety to your stations
•	Customize your shuffle settings
•	Fine tune your stations by thumbing tracks up or down
•	Go to the Store to buy songs and albums
•	Filter explicit content
•	Turn on higher-quality playback

Download link