I remember the time when N9 was launched, many were miffed because of the fact that N9 had basic hardware for FM radio, but there was no native application to make use of that.

But now thanks to Maemo/Meego community there are free FM radio apps like Qradio and now Qt based QML radio which you can install free of cost and enjoy. Not only that, now you have paid application available at Nokia store with a cool interface and without any download issues.

first the free one.

QML radio:

Over the maemo forum, Qt based FM radio app for N9 has been announced, which is slick and cool as indicated by user comments.

How to install:

  • You must have developer mode active and install debs from here.
  • You must install all the three debs provided.
  • Put all the 3 files in the MyDocs folder (it’s the first one you get when putting the device in mass memory mode). Open terminal Type “devel-su“, press enter than type “rootme“. Type “dpkg -i /home/user/MyDocs/fmrx*” and press enter.
  • Download the apllication from here and install. You are ready to use it 🙂

Latest version is 0.0.6 with new features like,

  • Signal strenght is now shown.
  • Added AutoScan feature (will spam your stations list, be aware).
  • Adding a station will set the RDS name in the text field.

Features, the developer has informed to come

  • Exporting/importing stations lists
  • To create presets for different places/to suit everyone’s tastes.

Source link

FM Radio N9:

Now coming to the paid application, a new FM radio application is available at Nokia store and the name of application is FM Radio N9. Some notable features of the application are,

  • Automatic scanning for stations
  • Station list management
  • Beautiful swipe user interface.

The price of this application is INR 50/2 EUR and can be downloaded from Link.