Time for some leaks of upcoming Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile apps & features!! Outlook Mail’s one new and upcoming feature and Skype UWP for Mobile and PC have leaked in screenshots.

Outlook Mail app will get a Pop-out features as has been shown in screenshots below. The new icon when clicked or tapped will open the mail in a new pop-op window. the screenshots are for Windows 10 app and it is not clear how it will look and work on Windows 10 Mobile.

Outlook Mail Pop-out 1

Outlook Mail Pop-out

Unified Skype UWP app that has been officially confirmed by Microsoft as coming to Windows 10 first and Windows 10 Mobile later has been also seen in some leaked images. The build is not optimized for Mobile yet and is very crash-prone as mentioned by Gustave M, who has posted the screenshots.

Skype UWP M 1

Skype UWP 1

Skype UWP 3

Skype UWP 4