OnecoreIt seems, Microsoft is certainly heading towards merging all its OSes in “One Microsoft” OS. A number of job postings and profiles posted on Twitter by @h0X0d reveal that using “Windows OneCore” the features and UI become common to all OSes. This includes Xbox as well apart from Windows and Windows Phone.

A job posting also reveals the following,

The XAML team is building the UI framework at the core of the “One Microsoft” OS. Our framework is used by hundreds of thousands of developers, including many teams at Microsoft.

Our goal is to provide the best modern UI framework, which is integral to the success of our platform and ecosystem. Our charter includes:

Enabling developers to create UI that works well across all of our devices: phones, tablets, PCs, and the Xbox.

We see the impact of our work every day – as we use Windows Phones, tablets, PCs, and the Xbox. If you’re excited by the opportunity to create the UI platform and developer experience for all of our devices, join us!

See the job posting here.

Via: @h0x0d