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This is certainly end of an era!! The era which saw Nokia name becoming synonymous to cell phones globally. This all comes to an abrupt end with Nokia shareholders today approving the MS-Nokia “Device and Services division” deal worth $7.2 Billion. The EGM is on but seems 99.7% of the per-registered voters have already voted in favor of the deal.

Translated text from Finnish live blog,

14: 20 , also in the Finnish advance more than 90% of the votes cast in favour of the mobile phone unit sold. John Niemeläinen

14: 18 on 99.7 percent of the shares at the meeting of the edustetuista hallintarekisteröidyistä in favour of the sale of the mobile phone unit. John Niemeläinen

This obviously raises strong emotions amongst us Nokia fans!! But, since the deal is done, we can only hope that those 32000 Nokia employees (who will get transferred) get a comfortable second home in MS fold and drive amazing innovations and continue with the quality work they have been doing at Nokia.

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