Now “TechRadar” says N8 is the camera smartphone King.Its 12MP camera blows away the competition once again.And let us have a look at the competition,

HTC Evo 3D,Motorola XT720,Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, Apple iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S2.

Wow,I look at my N8 and I am really proud of it.One year on and still the leader of the pack.

They have done some cool lab tests and results are wonderful.They conclude that,

Colour accuracy test :

Our colour accuracy test reveals that the Nokia N8 performs the best, with a score of 102.5%. The HTC isn’t far behind, but it fares less well in natural light. Perhaps not surprisingly, given its sometime varied results, the iPhone 4S comes out the worst, with the Motorola XT720 almost matching its poor performance.

Lab tests (Detail,Noise &HDR)

One of the first tests we perform with a digital camera is to shoot our resolution chart to see how much detail it can record. We’d normally do this at every sensitivity setting, but as the Apple iPhone 4S and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc don’t allow the ISO settings to be set manually, we just had to plump for what it chose automatically in the bright lights of our lab.

Our resolution tests reveal that the Nokia N8 records the most detail, achieving a resolution score of 2,200 line widths per picture height (LH/PH) at its lowest sensitivity.

This is on a par with some top-end compact cameras. Next in line is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc with a score of 1,600 LH/PH, followed by the iPhone 4s at around 1,400 LH/PH.”

Final verdict:

“The winner of this test is the Nokia N8 – but only in terms of providing the best pictures quality in the widest range of areas. If you’re looking for the phone on the market that will offer you the best pictures in a wide variety of scenarios, we’d suggest you plump for this phone.

Best cameraphone

However, it is slightly ageing now and the software is among the hardest to use on smartphone – although the incoming Nokia Belle update should remedy that somewhat.”

TechRadar’s Link,

So,that’s the verdict from very detailed test of best camera smartphones available on the market from Tech Radar.Yup,We are also waiting for Symbian Belle on the N8.My next article will cover how N8 once again will be the best deal available with Belle onboard.