The official Security+OS update tracker page for Nokia smartphones has been updated on July 1 by HMD with details about the availability of mainly the June Security updates for all Nokia smartphones. The page lists Build number and details like whether it is just a security patch or firmware update + security patch for a particular device.

As per the updated information provided on the page, currently, June Security update is available for most Nokia smartphones excluding Nokia 3.2, Nokia 4.2 and Nokia X71. It is a bit surprising because many would have expected HMD to push updates to the latest smartphones first, but it does reflect well upon HMD’s dedication to keeping its entire fleet updated.

Page link

In case the security update is not yet available for your Nokia smartphone, you should check the build number of your smartphone and confirm it with the information provided on the page. If the build number for a particular device is mentioned in the list then only it gets the update.

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