Earlier, we published an article detailing about the changes coming with PR1.2 update for N9.


Nokia N9 MeeGo update details

Now, Nokia conversations today has published an article about the update highlighting most important and impactful changes.They have also mentioned that, this update is now available to more than 70 per cent of all handsets, with more receiving the updates over the coming weeks. If you do not see an update notification, just wait a little while more, or contact your local operator to find out if it they have enabled it.

Nokia N9 Applications Nokia N9 continuous shutter

Most important changes according to the article are,

  • Folders: Keeping your apps and games organised is now really easy, as the Applications view now supports folders. Pressing and holding anywhere on the application screen will give you the option to add a new folder, where you can tuck things away into. Nice, neat and easy.
  •  Camera: Nokia N9’s 8-megapixel camera now supports continuous shooting. Even better – the zero lag shutter in continuous shooting mode means that the camera is so fast, what you see (in the screen when you snap the shot) is what you get (in the final image).Once you’ve changed the settings in the camera, just hold your finger down on the capture button for a continual stream of photos – nine, to be precise. You’ll get three frames per second, and will never have to miss those fast-moving scenes that just tend to whizz past your eyes.
  • Image Tagging: When you’ve captured that perfect image of your friend, you can upload it straight to your social sites. While this isn’t new, the ability to tag your friends in that photo is, using the Nokia N9’s new face recognition technology for your photos.
  • Video Calling: This update also includes the ability to make video calls with Google Talk, using the full power of the front-facing camera. You can download the Google Talk Video Call app from Nokia Store – for free. When in a video call, switching to the main camera on the back is a great way of showing other people in the call what’s going on around you.
  • Drive: Nokia Drive on your N9 got even better with a few nice touch-up features. It now includes routing options, so you can avoid that toll bridge or motorway, if you’d prefer. With the new Favourites feature, you can now sync, add and remove  locations with maps.nokia.com. If you’re driving, your N9 will also help you keep to the speed limit thanks to the speed limit alerts. Very useful when in unfamiliar territory. Just think about it – the software update is free, but could save you some money in speeding tickets.
  • Media Sharing: You can now share the media stored on your phone, via your TV and games console. Let the rest of the people in the room see your holiday snaps, or that video of something hilarious you saw at the weekend. It’s all about sharing, without wires.
  • Apps update notification: Other updates include software update notifications for 3rd party apps in Nokia Store, support for creating playlists and deleting songs in the music player, and also access to the global company address list in Mail for Exchange – something business professionals will appreciate.
  • Web browser improvements: Also there’s improved web browsing history, improved copy and paste features for web and documents. The Nokia N9 now support five new language scripts, including: Thai (ภาษาไทย); Hebrew (עִבְרִית); Persian (فارسی); Vietnamese (tiếng Việt); and Kazakh (Қазақтар).
There is also a note which says,
  • Some features not available in the China download
  • Not all TV sets and game consoles support file sharing, or enable sharing of all media file types.


For a bigger list of changes you can refer to our above mentioned article.