437d52e6-038e-4e84-a133-5c5ffac76354Good news for all fitness lovers!!!

Official GOQii fitness app  is now available for Windows Phone.The GOQii  consists of GOQii Band – an advance fitness tracker and GOQii Coach – virtual yet human coach that monitors you on daily exercises, nutrition, sleep, stress management, and lifestyle change.
It also consist of GOQii Karma – a philanthropic platform to enable consumers support social causes of their choice.It enables you to achieve a healthier and sustainable lifestyle.

GOQii works on core principles of Habit Formation,Motivation,Goal Reinforcement,  Human Connect and  Soulful Living.

Description and Features:

GOQii Band:
It is an essential requirement to use the GOQii App.
GOQii Band is an advanced fitness tracker which works on a state of the art motion sensing technology and tracks users steps, sleep quality, sleep duration, active time and calories. GOQii band is also loaded with various distinct features including:
1. Touch screen OLED display.
2. Seamless Bluetooth Low Energy connectivity between GOQii Band and your Smartphone/PC.
3. Custom vibration alert.
4. Medical grade silicon to make is suitable to almost all skin types.
GOQii band is available in multiple colors and sizes (S and L). It is designed to be worn 24/7.

GOQii Coach:
Every GOQii user gets assigned a personal coach based on their personal health, fitness and lifestyle goals. Your GOQii coach works with you to help and guide you in interpreting and analyzing data collected via GOQii Band & GOQii App. Your coach will also interact with you daily via the GOQii App followed by monthly voice/video call to review your progress and to set new goals.
GOQii coaches work on the basic principle that human nature is driven by habits and it forms 80% of everything we do. To achieve the same GOQii coaches work on two core principles:
1. Motivation and,
2. Breaking bigger goals into ‘Micro Habits’. To make bigger changes achievable as well as sustainable.
Besides habit formation, which is the essence of GOQii coaching model, your GOQii coach also guides you on daily exercises, nutrition, sleep, stress management and lifestyle change.
GOQii coaches work with you as an accountability partner as well as a guide to help you achieve your lifestyle goals.

GOQii Karma:
GOQii Karma is a philanthropic platform designed by GOQii to enable you to include helping others as a part of your daily life.
You will be rewarded with Karma points to stay active and these Karma points can be used as virtual currency to make donation towards any of the social causes listed on the GOQii Platform. In lieu of this virtual donation, GOQii’s Karma partners will make actual donation (financially) to the cause you support.

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