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In a recently leaked internal memo of O2 Germany, there are two important things worth noting. One is “Mein O2” app and other is O2 recommending Lumia devices to employees wiling to switch from Blackberry.

Read the translated Memo below,

The new “my O2 app” test

For Android and iOS, they’re already and also for Windows phone, we are in the starting blocks. You can now my O2 app for Windows phone 8 test the beta version of, and contribute to the success of the launches in early November with your feedback.

The new my O2 app for Windows phone 8

All employees that business or pleasure use a Windows phone 8, can participate in the pilot. With my O2 app can you via your Smartphone access, how much data volume, SMS or voice minutes are already consumed, and view your invoices and contracts.

After the official launch in November it will be also possible with one of the next updates to change the master data. In addition, the connection manager in a later version for tablets will be available.

Just sign up and go test

To my O2 to test app on your Windows phone 8, ye only […]. Once you have downloaded the app, you can start with the testing and feedback at any time * send.

“I would urge as many employees to do so, to participate in the pilot. Your feedback helps, that we offer a complete product in early November”, explains Sarah *.

* Mobile apps Manager from Munich, […]. “Of course you can give us even after the launch feedback. We work continuously on developing and improving the app.”

Still with BlackBerry on the go?

If you want to use nor a BlackBerry as a phone service, it is now high time to replace them. You have the choice between the three smartphones Nokia Lumia 520 Nokia Lumia 925 and Nokia Lumia 625. You can find all the details of the Exchange in the intranet.

We know Telefonica, MS and Nokia had entered into a deal where Telefonica will put its weight behind 3rd eco-system in the markets it operates. Anyways, it is always better to start from one’s own home.

Also with Blackberry’s decline and Android’s vulnerabilities it may be advantage Windows Phone in business devices arena in short to long run!!

Thanks Mini2 for the Tip. Cheers!!

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