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NSN demo 300 Mbps live LTE-A (2X of fastest LTE) speed. NSN launches Telco cloud management.



As MWC 2014 approaches, NSN is bringing forth some great new solutions  offerings and is also setting some impressive network speed records!!

It has now launched Telco cloud management and has become the first vendor with the most comprehensive solution to comply with ETSI  NFV. The portfolio supports all aspects of preparing, deploying and running a Telco cloud for operators. Nokia’s strong focus on bringing cloud to masses is visible in it being the first to provide cloud based mapping solution as well.

Nokia Solutions and Networks is launching Telco Cloud Management, the most comprehensive solution from any telecom vendor to comply with ETSI  NFV*. The release supports operators as they host their network functions on cloud-based infrastructure. NSN is also extending its end-to-end Services to help operators prepare, implement and run their own telco clouds and migrate existing telco services to cloud-based networks. Based on its extensive work in recent years to develop and run a wide variety of trials and pilot implementations, NSN has now brought the telco cloud to commercial readiness, and is building a telco cloud partner program to support it.

NSN, Broadcom and Finland’s largest operator Elisa have partnered to demo a record 300 Mbps LTE-Advanced speed, which is two times faster than the fastest LTE deployed today. It is also significant that this speed has been achieved over a live commercial network, which proves its rapid deploy-ability.

Broadcom Corporation, Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) and Finnish operator Elisa today announced the first ever demonstration of LTE Advanced (LTE-A) carrier aggregation Category 6 (Cat 6) data rates of 300 Mbps on a live commercial network in the Nordic Countries. The achievement represents an important milestone for all three companies with the goal of delivering a superior mobile experience to consumers.

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