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Every year WordPress shares annual blog reports. Since we changed our host in May so, it effectively covered stats for half of the year (7 months). But the trend remains same and below are some of the highlights,

  • From 2012 to 2013 no. of page views and unique visitors to NPU have seen a growth of nearly 350%. Both the numbers are obviously in millions!! Thanks for showering so much love to NPU.
  • Most visitors still come from United States followed by Finland and India. But we get visitors from 202 countries. Have a look at the below map, Untitled
  • As we mentioned, this report is effectively for 7 months, but here is the “Hall of fame” list for top commentators and you guys deserve our sincere thanks for being so active. Keep posting and visiting our blog!
  • CommentedThe registered user base has grown to some 21,564 subscribers and Forum participants number has swollen to 8022. So, it is the best time to not only visit the NPU Forum but also participate in discussions.

It has been our endeavor to bring interesting news, reviews, opinions and provide Forums for discussion. We will continue doing so in the new year and hope to see you more and more active and connected to our blog. As always, honest feedback is more than welcome!! Do, let us know how can we improve upon what we have built together.