NPU AppOur Windows Phone app has enjoyed thousands of downloads and many 5-star ratings, and we are grateful for this pampering. All the credit for this app goes to Roger Hendriks; Our editor and NPU app developer. He informs us that an update is ready for NPU app and should be coming by end of this month. This update adds some really major features inclduing comments, Glance notifications, Share to pocket, Iconic (3 types) live tile and much more. Have a look at the changelog below.

NPU Changelog:

– Comments
– Share to pocket
– Youtube support(fixing the video url)
– Double tap heade to scroll to top (list and view article)
– Iconic (3 types) live tile
– Show notifications in glance (GDR3) & lock screen
– Open link in article in new browser
– Better text style and removing image border in article view
– Image as wide as screen in article view
– Faster download and UI response
– List with wide images handling large images better
– Option for minimized icon bar
– Option for header image in article
– Also scrolling title and pay off in article
– Show author (very important ūüôā

Feeling excited? I know, with so many new features, this app will certainly get more love from you all. You can still download our Windows Phone application, if you haven’t done so yet, from here.

Just one request, in case you like the stuff we bring to you, feel free to share and recommend NPU. With only your help we can grow our community stronger and more vibrant.