Two NPU related news for you!!

First the NPU forum has gone through some changes and now when you hover your mouse on the “NPU Forum” in Menu, you will see 4 forums Lumia, Symbian, Asha and General discussions. You can click and go to any of them and share and discuss with more than 1000 subscribers for Forums alone. Yup, there are more than 1000 forum subscribers for NPU Forum. So, better start discussing all things Nokia :).

Second is about a new page, which you may have noticed in menu called “Device specs and deals”. We intend to provide you quick link to check the major features and full specs of any major Nokia device and at the same time check the available deals. This is just a beginning and we only have Lumia 1020 and 521 there. We will be adding more devices soon.

There is certainly no pressure but if you want to support us then you can use these deal links for your purchase and also use “Amazon” and “ebay” search on our site for buying anything from Amazon and eBay.

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