Nokia-Lumia-920-PureView┬áhas done research of their own and came to conclusion that Lumia 920 is indeed selling very well in USA. They also mention that Lumia 920 is getting “Hero device” treatment across various AT&T stores.

We did a check of various AT&T stores in Los Angeles and Orange County. Out of the 20 places we checked, eight stores said they were completely sold out of the device. Eight stores said they had a limited quantity and another four had a decent amount of stock. The Lumia 920 is being noticeably displayed at the front of all AT&T stores and usually.

They also quote an analyst Paul Mueller who believes that the Lumia 920 has made Microsoft relevant again to the smartphone world. That is quite confident statement, actually !! Then MS owes a lot to Nokia ;). What say?

Thanks dojobi for the Tip. Cheers!!