Microsoft Garage is Microsoft’s project of turning ideas into apps and these are not limited to Microsoft’s platforms only. In fact Microsoft Garage features some Android and iOS apps too. Anyways, majority of the apps and games are still made for Windows Phone and here we have two of the games available for Windows Phone. Though, these two games are US only, you can change your region and install them, learn how here.


Lost Turtle:

Lost Turtle, a Microsoft Garage project, help navigate Walter through different levels and collect stars to unlock more levels and worlds! Walter wears a trusty jetpack that helps him fly, swim, and dodge obstacles, in hope of finding his friend.

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Nova Bacon link:

In Nova Bacon, a Microsoft Garage project, you are in charge of a busy space fly-thru restaurant that is running short on ingredients.

So you do what any sensible alien would do. Armed with a gigantic claw, you must go down to Earth and fetch a pig while defending yourself from humans that aren’t happy about contributing to your business.

Experience a variety of pigs while earning money to upgrade the various weapons available to you. Play Nova Bacon today!

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