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Microsoft releases a new app “Photo Story” to Store. Intro Video.

Microsoft has released a new app called Photo Story to Windows Phone / Windows 10 Mobile store. The app comes from Microsoft's Garage project and looks like Microsoft's attempt at telling stories using your...

Two more interesting apps from Microsoft Garage: “Sound Stack and Work Item Studio”.

  Two more interesting apps from Microsoft Garage!! Sound Stack : Sound Stack app is a music creation app for all music lovers. Features: Use your phone like a drumstick to hit virtual drums. Use your finger to press...

Tetra Lockscreen & Reachme are interesting apps from Microsoft Garage

Two interesting apps from Microsoft Garage project! Tetra Lockscreen: After Live Lock screen Beta, which hasn't seen an update since long, this is the second Lockscreen app from Microsoft. It is not available yet in other...

Nova Bacon & Lost Turtle are two new games from Microsoft Garage project

Microsoft Garage is Microsoft's project of turning ideas into apps and these are not limited to Microsoft's platforms only. In fact Microsoft Garage features some Android and iOS apps too. Anyways, majority of the...

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