10394135_858153500899843_4438177838511883575_nEvan Blass of Evleaks fame has tweeted revealing that Lumia 950 / Lumia 950 XL will come with option of a new “Cyanish Blue” color model and has also tweeted an image that gives one a fair idea about the new color. Now what we can add here is that this Blue color will be available for other upcoming Lumias too. The Lumia with RM-1127 / RM-1128 is confirmed coming with this Blue color, as Blue model prototypes are under testing in India.

Now as we know that in every new portfolio of Lumias, one color model becomes kind of “flavor” of the release. We have seen that happening with Yellow, Cyan and Red before. it seems this Blue color may be the highlight model color of upcoming Lumia portfolio.