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Not Nokia 8.2, but Nokia 2.3 launch seems imminent as official clear case to be available starting Dec 8


As Nokia Mobile Twitter account teased the launch of a new Nokia smartphone on December 5, many sites have been trying to cover it as the possible launch of Nokia 8.2. But as far as we know and the exlsuive sigthings reported by us reveal it will most probably be Nokia 2.3.

We have now seen the official clear case listing for Nokia 2.3 (check the screenshot above) that claims that it will become available starting December 9. It is certainly not a coincidence that only Nokia 2.3 clear case is being made official soon after the December 5 launch.

We have been reporting about HMD’s plans to launch Nokia 2.3 with improved specs and features over Nokia 2.2. The leaked screenshot from distributor databse has also revealed Nokia 2.3 color variants.

All these sightings hint at a sooner launch for the smartphones. Surprisingly there are no signs of any other Nokia smartphone including Nokia 5.2 and Nokia 9.1 anywhere.

Nokia 2.3 may come with a display size of greater than 6.1-inch with HD resolution. It features a bigger battery of 3920 mAH capacity as compared to Nokia 2.2. Nokia 2.3 also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 as compared to Bluetooth 4.2 on Nokia 2.2.

You can check out leaked specifications, features, images and other detailss related to Nokia 2.3 on this page. Read our complete Nokia 2.3 coverage by clicking here.

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