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Nokia’s Photo challenge: Lumia 920’s PureView Camera trounces likes of SGS III and iPhone4S :)

You might have seen the above image in our last article. Actually now it seems that the above comparison was part of a “Nokia Photo Challenge”, where Nokia had a dark area setup to challenge your phone’s camera against Lumia 920’s PureView Camera. Not only Lumia 92o trounced iPhone 4S’s Camera but also if the image and video below is some proof, Samsung galaxy SIII met the same fate. Yes, it was royally trounced in low-light performance by Lumia 920.


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  • Vinay

    why havent they used flash for iPhone 4S and S3??

    • They haven’t used flash for any of them 🙂

      • SNAKE’83

        so why nokia is using one ?
        sorry, but comparison should be with equal settings, we don’t know how are they set (exposure etc…) but at least one thing we see (nokia flashing before? or during ) is different

        • Where is Nokia using Flash. Ok, I got it. You are talking about the light when they focus. This is called “Focus asist lamp” which is present on any good camera and cameraphones like N8, 808 PureView. This helps in focusing of camera in low-light. If you carefully watch the video. You will see the focus light, then it is dark again, then the guy presses the shutter button and while capturing the picture there is no light.

  • knowfirst

    lol, samsung and apple should have see this.. pureview in 808 is 5times better than all smartphoones cams, butpureview in 920, maybe 10 times or more, i can say 920 has an edge over 808 and it maybe better than 808, lol its only maybe. But i am happy and am very ecstatic when i saw 920 pureview than 808’s because iphone and galaxy are utterly defeated, i mean they are shit when compared to 920. Man i am happy with 920 and what will whole world say if both pureviews are combined, they will shit their pants, literally