Well, well what is Nokia up to? Yesterday they teased a probable “Heart Rate Monitor” wearable with Nokia-branding and now they have again posted an image on social accounts. While the image itself doesn’t intend to tease anyone, but it has something which can make Nokia Fans really happy.

Check the image crop below. The smartphone in hand of the lady does look interesting, though it may just be a random prototype.

Nokia Android leak crop

The smartphone design reminds us of Nokia N1‘s design for sure and that is not a bad thing. Nokia N1 Taiwan┬áNokia fans are eagerly waiting for Nokia to return in the world of smartphones. We exclusively reported about two high-end smartphones in works which may come out running Android Nougat out of the box.

Recently HMD officials had confirmed that Nokia feature phones will arrive soon and that Foxconn has started manufacturing them in India. We also reported sightings of Nokia RM-1187 and Nokia RM-1188 from various certifications.

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