When the Nokia 808 Pureview was conceived many years ago, nobody knew at that time that an entire portfolio of excellent camera devices with Pureview branding will be ruling the mobile photography landscape for many years to come. The last of these devices under the original Pureview engineers was the Lumia 950 series. It was much ahead of its competition and took literally years for them to catch up with.

Before proceeding further, a blessed 2022 Deepavali/ Diwali to all out there! May the festival of lights shines brightness and ushers in positive energy into our lives.

The Pureview

It was a pride for Nokia fans worldwide that when it comes to imaging, the Pureview setup was simply the best out there. With the shift in management and focus, a new Pureview device was reborn. The Nokia 9 Pureview. After months of speculations of what the new Pureview tech can offer, we finally got to experience a unique setup. With collaboration with Light Co, HMD Global made a bold attempt unlike anything seen before. The new setup unfortunately was a gamble that did not pay well in the end. Although it was launched in limited markets and with strong emphasize for advance users, the device generally received lackluster responds. For me, the experience is somewhat surreal as it opens a new dimension to my learning curve. I took time to understand how the Nokia 9 Pureview works, I learned how light affects the output, how the exposure time should be controlled and how by adjusting depth we get good portrait shots similar to DSLR image quality. The Nokia 9 Pureview may not be the best companion, but it was and is a great teacher. In fact, it was the Nokia 9 Pureview that made me start my own small channel to share my experience of the device as I grew up with it, from one end user to the other and throughout the years, I am happy to have found likeminded people across the world to experience these devices in their hands.

Here are some twitter account owners that I would love to share for their immense contribution on the bright side of the Nokia 9 Pureview

and a special mention to Mr. Siva for still sharing what the original Nokia 808 Pureview can do.

With the Nokia 8.3 5G, a.k.a the Bond Phone, HMD Global decided to go more contemporary with the Pureview setup. In all honesty, the Nokia 8.3 5G is a very good device, built like a tank with an excellent battery life but it suffers from poor software implementation. The camera has a lot of potential, but images often turn out flat. Low light photography is good and the ultrawide camera performs well. The main highlight is the videography part with excellent stabilization that can even rival gimbal stabilized devices. The OZO audio capture issue seems to be resolved with the latest security update, but a more comprehensive test is required to verify this.

The Nokia X30 5G, the latest in the Pureview setup seems to be the one HMD Global is betting on. With a potent midrange specs, a premium primary sensor and an improved low light algorithm, the Nokia X30 5G will be getting wider coverage in terms of availability in many parts of the world. In certain countries, the Nokia X30 5G will be the first official Android running Pureview device.

I have done comparison with the G60 camera previously to understand how both these devices perform given that they are running on similar camera software. This is my take on how each Pureview devices compare and as usual, this is based on my own personal observation.

Do watch the video below to see how each devices fares.

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