B2ZxPo1CAAAFjV3.jpg largeIf you know Nokia well enough, you would understand and appreciate what they mean by saying,

A company which has constantly reinvented itself over its entire history of existence and sold from Rubber Gloves and Tyres to TV, Mobile, Tablets and what not. Nokia, as they say doesn’t die, just changes forms!!

Today is November 17th and we have many teasers about “Nokia story” getting unveiled from this date onwards. Now, we have some info about a “What’s Next, Nokia” event happening at Slush on 18th November and confirmed by the speaker Sebastian, Head of Product Business, Nokia Technologies.

Next NokiaNow, Nokia can’t announce smartphones now, as we know it can’t use its brand name till Q4, 2016. But, it can announce more apps (related to imaging) and lifestyle related hardware products or may surprise us with something totally unexpected!!

During the Nokia Capital Markets Day webcast, Nokia Technologies president has also revealed that Nokia brand-licensing starts this quarter, so may be something related to this may also show up.

Tell us what you expect next from Nokia??