The latest version of Nokia Transport that was introduced last month has now moved from beta to commercial release.  The new version of Nokia Transport is labeled as, check for that version when you launch Windows Phone Marketplace and try to download. If you see, then it’s the old version of Nokia Transport. You might need to wait a bit until the Windows Phone Marketplace page updates.There might be a publishing delay (1-2 days) on Windows Phone Marketplace in your country or region.

  • Timetable in 100+ cities
  • Estimated route in 410+ cities
  • Journey planner
  • Transport nearby
  • Detailed line view
  • Multiple tiles to favourite destinations

How to Download : Nokia Transport QR code

  1. Press the Search button on your Nokia Lumia and then tap Vision
  2. Scan the barcode
  3. Tap on the link when it appears on the screen
  4. Install the application from the Windows Phone Marketplace