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Great news coming from UAE. In a survey conducted by government body TRA, Nokia still rules the roost in terms of mobile phones markets share in UAE. Nokia has 56.4% market share with second placed Samsung with just 13.8% market share. It is really interesting to see Symbian as the top smartphone operating system with 38% market share. Nokia has also produced 4 out of 5 top-selling mobile handsets in the UAE.

Offering insight into the strength of feature phones, the report shows that Nokia products continue to be the most popular handsets in the UAE. Out of the top five most popular handsets used in the UAE, the Nokia produced four. In terms of the percentage of handsets by model, the Nokia 1280/1282 leads the way (3.9pc), followed by the Nokia 101/1010 (3.6pc), the Nokia X1 (3.3pc), the Nokia E5 (3.0pc) and the Samsung S III (2.6pc).

Though, Nokia would like to put more efforts into selling Lumia smartphones, as talking about only smartphones, Samsung’s SGS III is the top smartphone followed by iPhones and Blackberry.

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