We missed on many juicy news today (Due to some urgent personal stuff) including RM-860 finally reaching FCC and no surprises here, it comes with Verizon’s LTE bands, LTE 1700 (Band 4) and LTE 700 (Band 13). So, it is time to go through the full journey of RM-860 from its first revelation by us till now.




So, it is high-end, LTE enabled Lumia variant for Verizon, that is for sure !! But according to FCC it has confidentiality till 08/14/2013, which bothers us about its launch timings ? Hope Nokia brings it sooner than what confidentiality period indicates here !!

In one more interesting revelation from FCC filings it seems that Nokia is planning to upgrade AT&T Lumia 920 with LTE enabling software upgrade. This software update will upgrade devices with LTE band 2 (UL 18501910 MHz; DL 19301990 MHz) and band 5 (UL 824849 MHz; DL 869894 MHz). These bands are already approved for use in the initial FCC application for Lumia 920. So, Nokia may be enabling these two LTE bands for giving AT&T Lumia 920 owners a better global roaming experience or will it come to some other operator 😉 ?

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