lumia-b2b-hero-2000x1000-jpgThis is one of the things we always loved about Nokia. Investing in research and innovation and making seemingly difficult things possible. Latest news is about Nokia research making “Quantum cryptography” possible for phones for the first time ever. Quantum cryptography makes possible to send message with full secrecy and is already being used by corporates for communication. But till now it was not possible on phones.

The first practical way of carrying out quantum cryptography using a mobile phone has been developed by researchers at Nokia and the University of Bristol in the UK. Quantum cryptography – which allows messages to be sent with complete secrecy – is currently limited to banks and other organizations that can afford to have expensive and extremely sensitive quantum-optical components at both ends of a communications link. What the Nokia/Bristol team has done is to work out how to perform “quantum key distribution” (QKD) using simple and potentially inexpensive “client” electronics that could be integrated within a single chip.

So, seems Asha and Lumia phones will be more secure for business once this tech hits Nokia devices and we know how much Nokia and MS targeting enterprises.

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