Initially we got a tip about Nokia launching a tablet in late 2012. Now the source has come up with a timeline for the Launch. And they say it is going to be launched in November 2012 :).

Since digitimes has got a good reputation and penetration into the Supply chain markets, hence this tip can’t be discarded outright. Also if you refer to our earlier article, it seems Sep 2012, Nokia world event might see the announcement of Apollo superphones and the Tablet.

They have again confirmed the following,

  • 10-inch screen
  •  WoA tablets equipped with Qualcomm processors

More from the article,

Vendors including Samsung Electronics, Sony, Toshiba, Lenovo, Acer and Asustek are expected to launch Windows 8 on ARM (WoA) tablet PCs in early 2013, the sources indicated. However, Nokia may take the initiative to launch 10-inch WoA tablets equipped with Qualcomm processors in November 2012, the sources claimed.