808 & Lumia 1020 PureViewNokia has been known for its imaging prowess, especially for the ability to get the best out of tiny smartphone camera sensors and optics. Unbeatable PureView tech that revolutionized smartphone cameras for ever is an excellent example of Nokia’s superiority in the field of imaging. Nokia has continued with its research work in the field of imaging even after selling off its Devices division to Microsoft. In the past we have reported many tips that clearly hinted Nokia planning something related to camera, Android and even some 3D video apps.

Now a latest job opening reveals that Nokia is now planning to go to market with its product offering in the field of cameras and it is not ordinary cameras that we are talking about. Nokia intends to connect to professional camera users and resellers in field of video production space.

They will also construct, set the vision and lead the sales strategy and develop the sales and sales organization calling on professional camera users and resellers in the video production space. They must also ensure full compliance of sales organization with applicable laws and regulations and Nokia values and policies.

So, is Nokia going to launch professional high-quality cameras in near-future?? The job opening clearly hints that and the way Nokia is going about developing a sales and sales organization, it seems Nokia may own the product rather than brand-licensing it.

Responsible for the sizing, deployment, operation and performance of the sales force. Develops and implements practices that reflect a professional customer and B to B  centric mindset. Identifies opportunities for enhancing sales effectiveness.

Manages worldwide sales through building organizational capabilities to execute short term and long term strategies.

Creates an engaging culture that recognizes performance and ethical behavior and also builds a culture of accountability for conducting business with integrity and within legal guidelines.