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Nokia Tablet coming soon. Some mysterious phones also leaked via a banner from Nokia Intranet.

WPDang has reported the above picture showing a possible Nokia Tablet. The X86 architecture of the above shown Tablet, according to them looks like Windows 8‘s new schema. The picture is part of a banner reportedly leaked out from Nokia’s intranet and was sent by some anonymous source to them. It will be really great if Nokia could announce a Tablet with Lumia 920 and 820 on 5th Sep.

They also point out some mysterious looking new devices in other part of the banner. See the small tiles, but at the same time, the button layout at the bottom is quite different from what we know of Windows Phone OS. You can also see a device running typical Windows phone OS in extreme right of the full leaked Banner above. So question comes to mind,  Is it some kind of custom “Windows Phone built” Nokia modified and was planning to use initially. We ceratinly don’t know but it is  very interesting !!

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  • Eddie

    Remember the Surface is only wi-fi. Oh ya, that leaves a need for 3g-4g tablet. Could it be Nokia? We have not heard anyone else mention carriers deals for windows tablets yet have we? Please be a cyan or yellow Nokia tablet with raised n9 like screen!

    • That’s right actually.A tablet with data/wifi both. Nokia will be wise to enter the market with a tablet with its trademark design credentials at a time when Samsung is shaken 🙂

      • Eddie

        On the phones with the 4 buttons, isn’t that android?

        • Looks more like modified WP or some Symbian+wp phone hybrid. Look at those small tiles.