Tenna certification for the china-bound Nokia smartphone TA-1258 is now up and it has revealed images of the smartphones from all sides. Check the image gallery for Nokia TA-1258 below.

It has also revealed the full specs and features of the smartphone that will be powered by Android 10 and an Octa-core processor. It also features a rear finger-print sensor and a rear camera with interestingly 2X optical zoom and a CMOS sensor.

It will have size specs of 159.6×77×8.5(mm) and the display resolution is set at 720 x 1440. The smartphone has 3GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. The only detail that looks a bit surprising is the 3040 mAH battery for this budget smartphone.

Full specs:

Network frequency.GSM:900MHz,1800MHz
TDLTE:Band 40,Band 41(2575-2635 MHZ)
LTEFDD:Band 1,Band 3,Band 5,Band 8
The number of screens.1
Optional color.Nordic blue, shakin.
Body size.159.6×77×8.5(mm)
Weight.840.1 (g)
The color screen is dark.16 million.
The carrier band.Dual frequency.
Standard configuration.GSM/WCDMA/TD-LTE/WIFIY/BT,3G+64G,前500万像素后800万摄像头/wifi/BT
The internal screen parameters.
The external screen parameters.Screen pixels: 720 x 1440;
Terminal style.Straight.
The battery is rated.3040mAhmAH
CPU main frequency.1.6GHz
RAM memory capacity.3GB
Operating system.android
The operating system version number.Android 10
WAP function.Support, Wap 2.0.
GPRS function.Support.
Photo function.Support, master: 8 megapixels, deputy: 5 megapixels.
The number of cameras.2
JAVA functionality.Not supported.
Cell phone memory.32GB
How to connect locally.Bluetooth, USB.
Handwriting input.Support.
POC (PTT) one-click.Not supported.
SyncmlNot supported.
The video plays.3GP,MPEG-4,AVI
Audio playback.AMR,MP3
The picture format.JPG,GIF,PNG,BMP
EDGE feature.Support.
Electronic dictionary.Not supported.
PDA function.Not supported.
Optical zoom multiple.2 times.
Extend the storage.Support.
Expand the capacity of the card.Support.
Custom.China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom.
TV features.Not supported.
TV OUTNot supported.
Car FM transmitters.Support.
Video Phone (VT)Support.
Video shooting.Support, 1080p.
Sensor type.CMOS sensor.
The number of CPU cores.8
E-Mail email.Support, POP3.
HDMI output.Not supported.
Featured features.Gravity sensors, distance sensors, light sensors, fingerprint recognition.