A new Nokia feature phone with product code TA-1242 has passed certification in China and revealing its images and all major specs in the process. The certification clearly shows that it is yet another Nokia feature phone with support for T9 Keyboard.

Major specs include display size of 2.4-inch and 800 mAH battery capacity. You can check all the specs as provided in the certification below.

Network frequency GSM: 900MHz, 1800MHz
Number of screens 1
can choose colour black White
Dimensions 13.45 × 50.1 × 117.98 (mm)
weight 79.17 (g)
Color screen color depth 260,000
Bearer band Dual frequency
The standard configuration One charger, one USB cable
Phone format GSM
Internal screen parameters
External screen parameters Screen pixels: 240 × 320; Screen size: 2.4 (inches), TFT
antenna Built-in
Terminal style Candy bar
Battery rated capacity 800mAH
Phone directory capacity 2000 (items)
EFR STK function stand by
Voice menu not support
Scene mode stand by
Supported supplementary services Number identification, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold
Emergency call 122,110,119,112,120
Incoming call ringtone recognition not support
PUK2 not support
Alarm clock Support shutdown
calendar Support Lunar Calendar
Headphone port Independent port
Keyboard type T9 standard keyboard
CPU frequency 208MHzGHz
RAM memory capacity 4MB
operating system not support
Operating system version number
WAP function not support
GPRS function not support
Camera function Support, main: 300,000 pixels, vice:
Number of cameras 1
JAVA function not support
storage of phone 4MB
Local connection method USB