With the announcement of the Nokia T21 just moments ago, it is certainly interesting to see HMD Global being serious about their tablet offering. With a new revamped design and some additional features bundled in, it is certainly an exciting upgrade. But that doesn’t mean that the Nokia T20 will become obsolete. With a promise of 2 years of OS upgrade and 3 years of security update, the Nokia T20 should still be good to go for the next couple of years.

With the Nokia T21 slated for release in October in select markets, the Nokia T20 is bound for some attractive price offerings and more reasons to love!

Loving It

Nokia, since its conception as a mobile device maker, are known for their craftmanship, making devices that are meant to last. This emphasis is naturally what sets them apart from other manufacturer. The T20 tablet is meant to be a fun device, without breaking the bank, a device that can be used for all activity and for any age group for that matter. The new mantra, where users are the centre of the importance is clearly visible here.

At a price equivalent to USD200 for the LTE version in the market now, the T20 has a lot to offer. The crisp display is ideal for work, or for play. Enjoy video calls on the go , wherever you are, with the LTE model. The blue light certification protects your eye from those long hours of using smart devices all around us. Blue light has a short but high energy wave, only slightly lesser than UV rays which cannot be appreciated with the naked eye. It can lead to headache, blurry vision and can even disrupt the sleep cycle. This is of great importance especially with the change in lifestyle with the pandemic where almost everything is conducted online and more time is spent looking at displays than ever before, especially for the younger generation!

The above average battery life allows you to squeeze more out of your tablet. In fact, with my usage pattern which includes reading articles for a couple of hours , binge watching YouTube in between while connected to my bluetooth headset, the device easily lasts more than 3 days. When done with work, or even in between work, the tablet is an ideal entertainment device with its stereo speaker which by the way also supports OZO Playback. OZO playback allows 3D sound for smart devices with stereo widening, bass enhancement and loudness optimization which is a perfect combination to fill up a small room to have your own mini theatre experience!

The 64GB storage which is expandable with up to 512GB micro sd card allows you to store all the documents, videos and music for offline access. This itself is a rarity especially if we dig deeper into alternative tablets at the sub USD200 price points where the in built storage may not be expandable.

It is safe to say  that  there is a lot to love here. A stock Android experience, LTE connectivity, a balanced processor , above average built-in storage which is expandable, long battery life and the promise of updates which should see it getting the Android 12 and eventually Android 13.

The Nokia T20 is designed to complete your life , be it for work or for leisure, for personal use or even for the entire family. Built to last, to be more productive in between charges and at the same time, offering balanced experience makes the Nokia T20 a must have companion.