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Nokia Style+ smartphone (TA-1448) appear in Wi-Fi certification


A new Nokia smartphone has appeared in the Wi-Fi certification. The product variant code for this new smartphone is TA-1448. But the most interesting part that the certification reveals is “Style+” product name.

So, it seems that the new Nokia smartphone will have TA-1448 as one of its variant code. Style+ may be the codename but it sounds a bit unlikely given the way Nokia smartphone codenames have been so far.

Coming to what it may be, we recently heard a rumor claiming that Nokia XR21 5G, Nokia X21 5G and Nokia X11 5G smartphones are coming in H2 2022. Our sources chimed in claiming that Nokia Mobile is planning to launch many Nokia X and G series 5G smartphones in the second half of the year. Many of these smartphones may be powered by Snapdragon 480 Plus 5G processor.

We also saw some leaks around Nokia G11 Plus that is a departure from recent Nokia trends of not having a “Plus” moniker. It will come with a 50MP camera, revealed the leaks so far.

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