Good news!! Nokia developer has published fresh stats about Nokia Store. And the daily downloads have reached 15 million every day. Not only this, there are reportedly 120,000 apps in the store available for 120 million registered users now.


Quick facts from the Nokia Store data. 

  • Globally, there more than 120 million registered Nokia Store customers
  • Nokia Store offers more than 120,000 apps, and currently drives more than 15 million download requests per day
  • Nokia Store has over 100,000 content items available for Series 40 devices, and nearly 25,000 content items targeting Nokia Asha devices specifically, which take advantage of Asha’s more advanced features.
  • To date, Nokia Store has driven more than 5 billion cumulative downloads (Series 40 devices accounted for 13% of the first billion, and 42% of the last billion)
  • Nokia Store offers operator billing supported by 145 operators, across 52 markets
  • 80% of Nokia Store traffic converts to a download
  • Apps are No. 1 among paid-for and free downloads
  • Nokia Store available in 190+ countries, of which 90% in local language
  • 411 developers have achieved more than 1M downloads through Nokia Store, while 63 have achieved 10M or more, 28 with 25M or more, 9 with 50M or more, and 3 developers have now passed the 100M downloads milestone – namely UTV IndiaGames (IN), Pico Brothers (FL) and Inode (MX)