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Nokia Store app from Nokia X ported to Jolla smartphone.


titlenokiastoreWe reported about devs at XDA-Forum porting Nokia store and Nokia MixRadio apps to regular Android devices. There is one more OS though which can take advantage of Nstore.apk file being available. Yes, we are talking about Sailfish OS and folks at “AllBoutJolla&N9” have posted the hack of installing Nokia Store on Jolla smartphone. Here are the steps,

1. Download a Sailfish file browser with root access. I recommend “Filetug” with “StartAsRoot for Filetug” available in Warehouse (or via this link at OpenRepos.net).

2. Use Android Nokia Store and download an application (ignore the error message). Make sure you remember the downloaded file size – leave the store open.

2. Go to Nokia Store cache usually under: data/data/com.nokia.nstore (you need to be root!)

3. There you find files with random number – search for the file with the right file size and copy/cut it.

4. Move the file to Downloads (or anywhere you want) in “Home”, rename it and add .apk to the file name.

5. Install it via Filetug or other Saiflish file browsers which support Android app installation.


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