We have reported about Nokia 4.2 Camera app that is different from other Camera apps on Nokia smartphones. So, while we demoed the UI and new features like RAW support of this new camera app, folks at LoveNokia blog not only extracted this camera app but also did a tear-down to find a lot of interesting stuff.

So, as per the tear-down, it seems Nokia smartphones may get features like

  • Night Mode: Some references were found along with two Night Mode icons like: “Take a picture in low light mode”, “Night mode on, hold device steady while capturing“Low light off”, “Low light on”.
  • Super Zoom: Mention of some kind of super Zoom is there but it may not be available for all smartphones.
  • Gesture Shot
  • Kid sound effects
  • Boom Key for burst shots

Here is a video that captures kid sound effects available in the new Nokia Camera app.

Thanks, Mohnish for the tip. Cheers!!