If Nokia G10 leak was not hint enough, another trusted source now claims that Nokia smartphones will adopt a new naming convention in 2021. Which essentially means that the current numerical naming will ditched in favor of names like G10.

This comes from one of the most trusted Nokia enthusiasts from China, Nokibar. He has shared a slide that seems to hint that HMD will use the naming convention used in past for Nokia smartphones from 2021 to 2027. Check the slide that shows the names used for C-series, E-series, X-series from 2009-2011.

So, instead of Nokia 6.3 and Nokia 7.3 we may see Nokia G10 or H10 launching. Next year these may be followed by G10-01 and H10-01. Though it may be different too as the 2021-2027 part doesn’t have any detail.

But the leak of Nokia G10 certainly hints at this naming convection. It may be the first one to come up with the new naming.

The new naming will satisfy may Nokia fans who disliked the current naming system. This may also help HMD global in taking the competition head-on with some clever marketing.

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