After appearing in Russian certification, Nokia smartphone TA-1080 has also appeared in the Bluetooth certification with other variants TA-1092; TA-1084; TA-1093 and TA-1086. The phone has been certified for Bluetooth specs 4.2 hinting at a Nokia 2-Nokia 5 kind of standing for itself.

We know that HMD has scheduled a global launch event in Russia on May 29 and teases it to be the worldwide premier of new Nokia Phones.

We have heard from HMD CMO Pekka Rentala that Nokia 2, 3 and 5 successors are real and incoming. With a tip suggesting Nokia X5 and X7 can also be launched, we have a number of launch candidates like Nokia 2.1Nokia 3.1Nokia 5.1Nokia X5 and Nokia X7.

Recently we saw Nokia 3.1 aka 3 2018 appearing for the very first time anywhere. We also recently caught what can potentially be Nokia 5.1 at FCC recently with variant codes TA-1057, TA-1063, TA-1049, TA-1074, and TA-1057.