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Nokia scores Patent lawsuit win prohibiting sales of OPPO smartphones in Germany


Nokia has scored two consecutive wins over OPPO in its ongoing Patent lawsuit in Germany. The latest win for Nokia has forced OPPO to stop selling its smartphones in Germany.

Coming to details, Mannheim Regional Court first ruled that Oppo infringed Nokia’s implementation patent. Now, in second setback to OPPO, it has also found it in violation of Nokia’s SEPs which cover 4G and 5G technology.

The latest win that declares OPPO in the infringement of Nokia’s SEP Patents also prohibits it to sell its smartphones in Germany. Nokia requested for injunction against OPPO that the court granted. This is what Nokia spokesperson had to say.

A Nokia spokesperson responded, “The Regional Court in Mannheim has ruled for the second time, this time on a cellular standard essential patent, that Oppo is using Nokia’s patented technologies in its smartphones and is selling them illegally without a licence.”

They continue, “The court also found that Nokia has acted fairly. Despite extensive negotiations, Oppo has refused to agree a licence on fair terms and has turned down proposals to arbitrate the disagreement.”

Nokia filed patent infringement complaints against OPPO in multiple markets across Europe and Asia in 2021. Nokia had secured a multi-year patent deal with OPPO in 2018 which expired in 2021.

In recent times Nokia has signed royalty-bearing licensing agreements with likes of LenovoSamsungXiaomiAppleLG, and Blackberry. You can check our full coverage of Nokia’s patent licensing news here.

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